Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today was red day for our storytime color series. Cynthia wore "Beyonce' Red" lipstick,a red plaid vest, and her red boots. The only thing red I own is a red necklace, but it sufficed.

Baby Bear introduced the session, (after our opening song) with a red letter A.
Then we read "The Little Red Hen" by Byron Barton using props of puppets for the animals in the story. We shook the apples off the apple tree after the story with the tried and true "5 Little Apples" fingerplay.

We checked our little red mailbox for a clue to the next story. We found a small teddy bear......hmmmmmmm. "The Little Red House" by Norma Sawicki,  was told on flannelboard, and the little bear was in the house at the end of the story. WOW! How DID they do that?

Everyone stood up for the scarf activities that were outlined last week. We plan to use this activity throughout our color series. It gives those wiggly bodies a chance to jump, shake, and stomp.

Storytime ended with the "Teddy Bear" song and a red heart stamp.

Our craft this week was a red apple on a stick with a flip side of the white inside of the apple. Children had red, green, and black crayons to add leaf and seed detail.

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