Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Behavior Song

After storytime yesterday, Cynthia and I were inspired to create this song which we HOPE( let us be cautiously optimistic!) will encourage parents to follow our suggestions. So here it the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".......

The "Ready for Storytime Song"

Choose a spot where they can see,
Making eye contact with me.
Keep your child off the rug,
Pick them up and give a hug.
If they need a chance to chill,
Please come back, when they are still.
Sitting on your lap or floor,
They’ll enjoy the stories more.
Dance and Sing, Read and Rhyme,
Ready now for StoryTime .

          by Georgia Jones & Cynthia Hanson 9.28.2011

Storytime Piggies


Opening Song:
“Who wore their Hair [and other body parts] today?”

Baby Bear makes an appearance. Children call softy: “Wake up, Baby Bear!” but he snores on
Children call- in a slightly louder voice: “Wake up, Baby Bear!” and he comes out of his sleeping bag. He has a small pig [that has a small teddy bear] this is the clue for this week’s theme.
Baby Bear also has a letter of the day…guess what…it’s “P”

Georgia & I do a puppet story of The Three Little Pigs. There are two fellows that sell the straw, sticks & bricks. The house of straw and the house of sticks are made with cardboard and brass fasteners so that when the wolf Huffs & Puffs…the walls shake until the house collapses. The brick house is made to stand on its own and NOT shake [of course].      

Tune: Wheels on the Bus [we do this standing up to give the kids a chance to move]
The tail on the Pig goes round & round, etc… all thru the mud
The mouth on the Pig goes Oink, Oink, Oink…etc
The feet of the Pig go run, run, run …etc
The ears on the Pig go twitch, twitch, twitch

BOOK: I Went Walking by Sue Williams

Tune: Three Green Speckled Frogs
Three Pigs so squeaky clean…see images for full wordage

Cut & Tell Story:
My friend was looking for something
She looked between two pine trees
But it wasn’t there
She walked over a round hill
But it wasn’t there
She balanced carefully as she walked on a long log
But it wasn’t there
She walked around a lake
But it wasn’t there
She walked up a hill and down a hill
And up a hill and down a hill
But it wasn’t there
She walked across a field
But it wasn’t there
She walked up a hill and down a hill
And up a hill and down a hill
But it wasn’t there
She walked to my door and asked if I could help
We looked in a hole [use paper punch to place the eye]
Audience will be able to see that it is a pig at this point]
I see just what you are looking for!
You are looking for your curly tail!!! [use the scissor to curl the “long log” like you would to curl ribbon – it works the same way with paper]
By Cynthia Hanson 9.22.2011

Flannel Board Poem: This little Piggie

Poem: Three Little Pigs Rolled in the Mud…see images for poem

Pig on a stick with the above poem
Children made one side muddy with brown paint [could use chocolate syrup or pudding]

Would do this again in two shakes of a pig’s tail…but the enthusiasm of the audience inspired us to create a “Behavior” song to help parents & participants.
Will add later