Friday, October 28, 2011

Not Very Mellow Yellow

Yellow was the color of this weeks storytime. Bright sunshine, lemons, bananas, and buses! We read:

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes   Book Coverusing stuffed animals and a feather to act out the story using props. Just LOVE this book!

We sang "Oh, Mister Sun" by Raffi and had the words printed on papers around the room for those who do not know the words.

Baby Bear checked out the box with yellow items and brought our letter of the day.

"Lemons Are Not Red" was the next book. I thought it would be a good choice, but I think it was too small for our large group , and not engaging enough.
The school bus driver came in so I jumped to the bus book before telling everyone about the BIG SURPRISE............

School Bus by Donald CrewsBook Cover

After our rhymes, stories, and songs we had a big surprise.......a school bus! Everyone went outside and took their turn walking up the big steps and finding a seat on the bus. We took a trip to the park and the highlight was crossing the railroad tracks. The bus driver told everyone they needed to be silent when we crossed and the toddlers took it very seriously.

The bus driver was soooooo nice and everyone got a big kick out of riding the bus.

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