Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?

We visited the farm today!

Opening Song ----Who Wore Their

Color of the Day---Yellow

Baby Bear---Letter of the Day  F

Book-- I Went Walking by Sue Williams

Fingerplay--Two Little Blackbirds (we did fast slow, loud, quiet)

Book-- Prop story of  How Kind by

Action Song---The Cows on the Farm Go....pigs.....horses...ducks...chickens....roosters

Book---Flannel story of Who Said Moo? by

Goodbye Song

Stamp---purple cow

Craft---folded book about the farm

Fun storytime, would not change a thing (except the screaming child that is having difficulty and his mom does not take him out soon enough :  /    arrrgh     )

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Storytime of Fall 2012

I do a Babygarten program on Mondays, twos and threes on Wednesday, and fours and fives on Thursday. Today was the twos and threes program and we started off with a big group. I have to hold storytime for this group in the main area of the children's room, since we could not fit into the storytime room without a huge shoehorn! Today there were 30 children and  just as many adults with babies and extra adults added.

Opening ----Who Wore Their __________ Today?
Open Shut Them

Baby Bear introduces the letter of the day

Mother Goose Rhyme

Color of the day

Book---- Monkey and Me    Emily Gravett (illustrate running finger under some of the words)

Fingerplay--- Five Little Monkeys

Flannel Story---Brown Bear, Brown Bear     Bill Martin Jr.

Action Song---If You're Happy and You Know It

Book with Props---How Do You Put It On? Shiego Wantanabe

Closing--Teddy Bear Turn Around
Stamp a bear paw on hands
Color a brown bear

Perfect mix of stories, talking, action, but keep the first song short and go right into Open Shut Them

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